5 Creepiest Moments in “The Girl Who Sees Smells”

Since “The Girl Who Sees Smells” is a drama involving a serial killer, creepy moments are not exactly scarce. There are numerous scenes that make your hair stand up, feel a chill run down your spine, and goosebumps appear on your skin. Below are five of the creepiest moments we have seen so far. If you aren’t caught up with the drama, BEWARE of SPOILERS ahead!

Creepy Moment #5


Doctor Baek Chun Kyung’s (Song Jong Ho) gaze while watching Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung) in episode 2 is pretty creepy.  He has such an intense gaze and observes her carefully from a coffee shop. It’s a moment that gets your suspicion going and you start fearing for Oh Cho Rim’s life.

Creepy Moment #4


In episode 4, viewers saw a barcode being cut onto a victim. As the signature mark of the serial killer in this drama, the hand-carved barcode on human skin brings up the creepy level a notch more in an already gruesome murder.

Creepy Moment #3


Actor Namgoong Min is well-known for his huge smiles and low but warm voice so it creeps you out even more when, while playing the role of Chef Kwon Jae Hee, he shows you how deceiving he can be. In episode 6, you learn the truth about his two-faced character and exactly how soulless this chef can be through his nonchalant contemplation of very dark deeds. Look at that face!

Creepy Moment #2


Another creepy moment greets us in episode 6 as we find out what the barcodes stand for, earning the drama the prize for the “The Creepiest Murder Memorabilia Ever.” Anyone else curious about what the books without barcodes are for?

Creepy Moment #1


In this chilling moment in episode 9, we see Kwon Jae Hee stabbing himself with a sharp two-prong fork. Any normal person would have screamed bloody murder, but not this chef, who remains absolutely emotionless, but by now we know he is far from normal.

For more creepy scenes watch the latest episode of “The Girl Who Sees Smells” below!

Honestly, there are more romantic scenes than creepy scenes, so don’t be scared to watch 🙂

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