Kim Hee Sun Releases Photo with Potential “Angry Mom” Spoiler

Kim Hee Sun has created a stir with the release of a photo of her “Angry Mom” cast mate Kim Tae Hoon in a prisoner’s uniform.

The actress posted the photo to her Instagram page on May 5 along with the words, “Wrapping up filming for ‘Angry Mom.’ With Baro and Jung Woo teacher Tae Hoon.” The photo shows the three “Angry Mom” stars striking playful poses during filming for the show’s final episode. It also contains a potential for the finale, however, with Kim Tae Hoon wearing prisoner’s clothing and handcuffs. With the photo’s release, many are now wondering if the last episode will feature the downfall of Kim Tae Hoon’s character, Do Jung Woo.

Meanwhile, “Angry Mom” is set to end its run this week following its premiere on March 18. You can watch “Angry Mom” here.

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