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For the majority of “Angry Mom,” Jo Kang Ja (Kim Hee Sun) has been fighting against a system that barely takes notice of her, in a society that doesn’t want to listen to her. But in the aftermath of last week’s tragedy, Kang Ja suddenly has countless supporters. She is no longer the only angry mom. Terrible as it is that Kang Ja, Noh Ah (Ji Hyun Woo), and their team of good guys are only starting to gain popular support after such a terrible event, it’s nonetheless heartening to see that there is a point at which society as a whole says, “Enough is enough.”

These were my five favorite scenes of “Angry Mom” episode 15:

1. A passionate prosecutor

It’s been a week since the school collapse, and the hearings to determine culpability have begun. New character Prosecutor Jung is in charge of pinning the perpetrators, and, luckily, it looks like he’s zealous in the pursuit of justice. “Angry Mom” is the kind of drama that teaches the viewer to be suspicious of everyone, so it’s nice to have a new player introduced who really does seem to be good.

angry mom prosecutor jung final

2. Sang Tae won’t be his father’s alibi

I love that the bad boys in this drama indicate their intention to become good by taking all of the product out of their hair. First Bok Dong (Ji Soo) let his formerly-slicked hair fall freely over his forehead, and now it’s Sang Tae’s turn. I also love how low-key this moment is. Sang Tae doesn’t dramatically denounce his father, he just refuses to let Chairman Hong use his son as an excuse. Sang Tae wasn’t injured in the collapse, and he won’t let his father pretend that he was.

angry mom group shot final angry mom baro finalangry mom park young kyu final

3. Yi Kyung’s video finally comes to light

On the one hand, it’s so important that the video of Yi Kyung’s death is finally in the hands of people who will use it to punish her killer. On the other hand… I really wish Yi Kyung’s mother didn’t have to see her daughter’s last, terrified moments.

angry mom yi kyung's mom finalangry mom group shot 2 final

4. …did Ahn Dong Chil just do something good?

Honestly, I’m shocked. I know that bad guys betraying each other was the theme of this episode, but for Ahn Dong Chil to betray Chairman Hong in order to help Kang Ja… I didn’t see that coming. But it’s wonderfully sweet that Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) was the one to say that Dong Chil could help. Their fragile, contentious connection is really fascinating.

angry mom kim hee won final angry mom kim yoo jung final angry mom park young kyu 2 final angry mom kim hee sun final

5. Bok Dong takes the stand

It seems immensely unfair that the first thing Bok Dong has to do after waking up is to testify about Yi Kyung’s death. Discussing that event is just so clearly painful to him. But, of course, it’s so important that he publicly discloses the truth—by providing, through his words and Yi Kyung’s phone, the crucial evidence of Do Jung Woo’s guilt, Bok Dong can finally start to heal. He can atone for his role, however small, in Yi Kyung’s death.

angry mom ji soo final angry mom kim tae hoon finalangry mom kim hee sun 2 final angry mom ji hyun woo final

What did you think of last night’s episode of “Angry Mom”? What do you think will happen in tonight’s finale? Let us know in the comments below!

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