Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - May Week 1

If you’ve ever thought or are thinking about taking a break from K-dramas, then, let these top ten scenes reel you back in, and we bet you’ll be squealing as much as we did when you check these out.

1. “Divorce Lawyer in Love”: And So It Begins

It certainly didn’t take long for sparks to start flying between Jung Woo and Cheok Hee!

During a secret spy mission to take photos of a cheating husband, Cheok Hee injures her back, and since he feels sorry for her, Jung Woo goes out to buy the special medicated patches she prefers. He turns to leave but notices she can’t quite place the patch on the right spot, and so, he takes over and does it for her.

The moment he pulls her robe down (to place the patch) and his fingers touch her back, they both feel something odd bubbling up inside them. Hmmm, what could that be?

2. “Divorce Lawyer in Love”: A kiss means love? 

Sometimes, we don’t know what to make of the intended couple of Cheok Hee and Jung Woo because while they are softening towards each other, they constantly butt heads, and we wonder if they’ll ever be on the same page. Get a load of this scene, for example.

A wife wants a divorce because her husband hasn’t kissed her in their seven years of marriage. Girl, not even foreplay? While Jung Woo doesn’t think those are justifiable grounds for divorce, we side with Cheok Hee because as far as we’re concerned, no man’s getting further with us if we’re not familiar with his kissing technique. Anyway, Cheok Hee thinks that for the wife, a kiss is the ultimate expression of love while Jung Woo believes that love can be expressed in other ways. So, she challenges him to disprove her theory … And he obliges! Yes! We’re not fully rooting for these two yet, but we will never say no to skinship. So, can they kiss each other in every episode to prove just how not in love they are with each other?

3. “The Girl Who Sees Smells“: Oh Cho Rim learns that she is Choi Eun Seol

The suspense is killing us! When the evil Chef Kwon asks Cho Rim to fetch a cookbook from his study, she stumbles upon the letter written by Dr. Chun Baek Gyung. We won’t ask why she nosily read a letter that she didn’t know was hers because all we care about is that she read it! And she now knows about her past! But unfortunately for her, her serial killing boss caught her in the act! This is scary but exciting!

4. “Falling for Innocence”: The wrong move

Min Ho has been trying to make progress in his relationship with Soon Jung; unfortunately, she’s too focused on work that she doesn’t notice his subtle advances. So, Min Ho seeks the advice of Secretary Woo Sik, who shows him a move: A back hug should get things started. Thinking he has it down, Min Ho plays it cool when he hovers around her at work and then, tries the move, which goes straight over her head.

When he reports his failure to Woo Sik, they rehearse the move again and are caught in a compromising position by a company employee. LOL. These men’s relationship will evolve into something more if their activity reaches the rumor mill.

5. “Super Daddy 10”: Life’s a dream

Yeol had a dream: Become a baseball player, marry the girl he loves on a baseball field, and be a good family man. In the show’s final episode, Yeol is able to accomplish that dream. Life is inevitably finite, but love and the work that goes into a relationship are what makes it meaningful. So, how ever long Mi Rae will live, we hope the rest of her life with Yeol and their daughter will be filled with only joy.


6. “Let’s Eat 2”: A cure for a hangover

How do you get a longtime crush to ask you out? Do it Baek Soo Ji‘s way: Get drunk, beat him up, and most important, bare all of your feelings for him before you pass out. Soo Ji would have forgotten she did all of those, but the next day, the object of her affection, Sang Woo, refreshes her memory when he makes a surprise visit to her place. She’s already embarrassed that he’s seeing her in her hangover state, and then, to be reminded of what she did! LOL. However, her shame quickly turns to utter shock when he tells her they should start dating. That will cure her hangover!

7. “Angry Mom”: Kid, it ain’t ever going to happen!

Kang Ja and Bok Dong are not the OTP in this drama and in fact, if it were a male with a very young female student, we’d probably be disgusted. Despite that, we just have to say it again: Bok Dong is so cute! This scene proves it again!

Bok Dong arrives at Teacher Neal‘s house just in time to walk Kang Ja home, pretending he needs to return a book to Ah Ran. LOL. On the sidewalk, he suddenly offers her some tofu (a common gift for released prisoners) and tells her not to go to places like the police station ever again. She takes a bite and then offers it back to him for not going back to evil Dong Chil’s house. We can’t believe we’re on this ridiculous, impossible, not-ever-going-to-happen ship.

8. “Heard It Through The Grapevine“: When hell freezes over

Uh oh! Han Jung Ho‘s blood pressure recently shot up when his secretary made a blunder of his appointments, overlapping a meeting with his wife, Yeon Hee, and his mistress, Young Ra. When the women came face-to-face, Yeon Hee seemed to handle it well, and it was as though the frenemies were making amends. Hmmm … like hell! When Young Ra tried to apologize to lessen her guilt, Yeon Hee denied her that right. She ordered her to live with her burden as she threw ice cubes at her. It seemed that Yeon Hee intended to keep this “friend” around her and punish her indefinitely. We wonder if she’ll do the same to her husband …


9. “Unkind Women”: Why not a sleepover?

Ma Ri has just been hired as a research professor, and at Roo Oh‘s place, they celebrate the occasion with cake. Roo Oh really livens up the party when he starts a cake fight, smearing frosting on her cheek. With her hand slathered with icing and cake, she goes after him, and ultimately, the chase ends up in his bedroom … on his bed! Aaaah! There’s so much sexual tension, and the two are speechless and paralyzed! Being a hot blooded male, Roo Oh asks, “Do you want to sleep over?” Before we could even scream “yes” in our head, a wholesome Ma Ri smacks her cake-coated hand on his face, shooting down his proposal. Blergh. There goes a steamy scene, but hey, a girl has a right to say no, and props to him for asking first and respecting her choice. Having said that, it’s unbelievable that Roo Oh, the next best thing to Song Jae Rim, just got turned down! LOL.

10. “Who Are You: School 2015”: Just dropping by

After waking up from her accident, the amnesiac Eun Bi encounters the mischievous Tae Kwang; the thing is, he is hanging right outside her window! Why?

When denied permission to be discharged from the hospital, Tae Kwang decides to escape instead by scaling down a hospital wall, “Mission Impossible” style. The shock on Eun Bi’s face isn’t surprising, and the hysterics of the nurse are beyond hilarious. LOL.

So, what do you think of these picks? We hope you enjoyed this batch of K-drama moments, and please join us again next week!

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