Foreign Visitor Returned 170,000 Dollars Left in a Korean Taxi

A Vietnamese visitor referred to as “A” took a cab ride to Seoul’s Dongdaemun area on May 7 with a considerable amount of money in order to buy some heavy equipment. Unfortunately, he realized an hour after getting out of his taxi that he had left behind his black briefcase with 170,000 USD (approx. 180 million won).

With this realization, ‘A’ and his Korean interpreter “B” immediately headed toward Gwangjin Police Station to report the missing money. Later, a police officer contacted the taxi company and asked them to contact the police station if they find the money and put up an official announcement for police stations.

Meanwhile, the taxi driver had driven three more customers until his fourth customer noticed the briefcase. Then the driver and passenger went to Gangnam Police Station together. The police in Gangnam noticed the announcement and were able to get in touch with ‘A’. ‘A’ was able to retrieve his money in about four hours since he had forgotten it in the taxi cab.

A police officer noted, “In order to show thanks, ‘A’ compensated the taxi driver.”

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