Netizens Who Started Lovelyz' Seo Ji Soo's Rumor Controversy Charged with Fines

Two netizens, who spread malicious rumors about Lovelyz‘s member Seo Ji Soo, were charged with monetary penalties. .

On May 8, Lovelyz’s agency Woollim Entertainment stated, “The results of the case regarding the distributors of rumors against Lovelyz’ member Seo Ji Soo are out now.”

According to the agency, the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office and the Ansan Branch of Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office took part in investigating Seo Ji Soo’s case, and charged defendant ‘A’ with fines while defendant ‘B’ was charged under the juvenile protection case.

Prosecutors wrote in the arraignment, “The defendants have spread false information through the use of Social Networking Services (SNS) for the purpose of slandering the victim, and therefore has harmed the victim’s reputation.”

Woollim Entertainment stated once more, “It has been confirmed, through various legal processes, that the rumors spreading on the Internet were not only false, but were used to harm an individual. After a long period of hardship and pain, the case regarding the spreading of false information and the defendants’ malign actions has finally come to an end. From now on, we plan to act much more strictly and strongly towards malicious actions happening both online and offline towards our artists.”

In November of 2014, there were spiteful claims and rumors spread about Seo Ji Soo online. One female claimed she was an old friend of the artist and went to school together. In her post, she claimed that Seo Ji Soo sexually abused her, and caused a huge controversy online.

As a response, on November 10 of 2014, Woollim announced that it had submitted a petition for a formal investigation into those who started and spread the rumors about Seo Ji Soo.

Regarding questions on Ji Soo’s participation in the group, one representative of Woollim Entertainment stated, “There’s no talk of her joining the group’s activities yet. Seo Ji Soo is still struggling with psychological instability, since she has gone through this at such a young age.”

As of right now, she is said to be focused solely on getting medical treatment.

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Woollim Entertainment to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors About Lovelyz Member Seo Ji Soo

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