Essential Korean Beauty Products for Summer

Depending on where you live around the world, summer can be unbearably hot, humid, and full of sweat and unpleasant things. Here are some awesome Korean Beauty/K-Beauty products that will help you battle summer from head to toe!


Many individuals forget to protect their hair in the summer. The sun can be equally as harsh on our hair as it is on our skin. Try a hair pack and serum to nourish dry hair. Since this product is individually packaged, it is easy to take on a trip. The product below comes in four different levels: 1. Camellia 2. Jojoba 3. Argan 4. Avocado. I recommend the highest level for the most damage care possible.


Etude House Silk Scarf Damage 2X (Level 4 Avocado Seed)


The blazing sun often comes first to mind when we think about summer. Be sure to protect your skin with sunblock. Waterproof sunblock with a high SPF is ideal. These sunblocks are lightweight and offer high SPF coverage without feeling greasy.


Etude House Sunprise All Proof SPF 50


Innisfree Eco Safety Cool Shaking Sun SPF 50

A high SPF cushion pact on top of that sunblock will further aid you in skin protection. Cushion makeup is lightweight and easy to reapply so you can keep your skin safe throughout the day! The cushion below is specially formulated for summer~


Etude House Lock’ N Summer Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion

Sometimes we forget to reapply sunblock and end up burning our skin. Aloe is a great way to treat sunburns gently and effectively. This gel is super popular and for good reason! It’s soothing and gentle on skin. You can apply this on your face and body.


Nature Republic Soothing Moisture Aloe Vera 92 Soothing Gel

Another way to soothe skin that has been torched under the sun is to apply sheet masks. Leave sheet masks in your fridge and pop one on whenever you want to treat your skin and feel refreshed. The aloe version is great for burnt skin, tea tree is amazing for acne prone skin, and honey is extremely moisturizing.


Missha Sheet Masks

Now for more specific concerns involving skincare. Cooling eye balms are great for puffy and tired eyes. You can reapply throughout the day as well. This one has such cute packaging!


Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick

Summer weather can often lead to enlarged pores and blackheads. Get rid of these with toner, clay packs, and nose strips/packs! Tighten pores with the other products to say goodbye to your blackheads! If I had to only pick one to recommend from the four products below, I would recommend the super volcanic pore clay mask.


Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Innisfree Super Volanic Pore Clay Mask

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


Tony Moly Strawberry 3 Step Nose Pack


Missha Black Ghassoul Peel Off Nose Pack

Warm weather often exacerbates oiliness for individuals with oily skin. Try these products to help you stay more matte. Apply the matte gel before applying makeup, use the power to set your makeup, and use the blotting sheets throughout the day.


Etude House Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel


Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact


The Face Shop Oil Blotting Paper


Moving onto the body! Sweating comes naturally with summer, but body odor is unpleasant and embarrassing. Try these products to help you keep fresh! The deodorant is especially great for those who have sensitive underarms.


Etude House Petit Bijou Peach Touch Allover Spray


Innisfree Natural Deo Brightening Roll-On


Sandals and flip flops can leave our feet dry and cracked. We can also suffer from stinky feet due to sweating. These products will relieve your summer feet worries! The foot mask is great to put on while you sleep; you can wake up to smooth feet in the morning. The foot mist is handy for when you have to take off your shoes in front of others.


Etude House Bebe Foot Mask


Innisfree Cooling Foot Scrub


Beyond Cooling Foot Mist

Innisfree Perfect Clean Shoes Deo Spray

Innisfree Perfect Clean Shoes Deo Spray

Now you’re all set to enjoy summer without any worries. Don’t forget to share which products you are interested in below!

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