Kim Woo Bin Talks About His Relationship with Fans + His Alcohol Tolerance

On the May 9 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” model-actor Kim Woo Bin took part in an interview and discussed his relationship with his fans, as well as his low tolerance for alcohol.

The model-actor shared that he is strict with his teenage fans: “I think students in their teens look the prettiest when they wear their uniforms and appear neat. If they put on a lot of makeup during puberty, they will have trouble with their skin, so I tell them not to wear makeup.”

When asked why he looks out for his fans in this way, Kim Woo Bin expressed, “I don’t want to have an actor-fan relationship. I want to give off the feeling of being the ‘oppa next door.’”

He was also asked about his tolerance for alcohol, to which he honestly answered: “I can handle about one to one and a half bottles of soju. I look like I would be the type to drink really well, but I can’t drink as much as people think.”

However, Kim Woo Bin added, “I like drinking settings. I also like alcohol. It tastes good. I like soju the most. I sometimes drink at home by myself.”

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