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It’s an intense game of wits on “Running Man” this week as the cast members and guests Son Hyun Joo and Park Seo Joon are not only trying to win games, but also attempting to figure out which two members among them haven’t been told the rules. This of course makes for a hilarious episode as the ones who don’t know the rules are forced to try to follow the others while pretending to know what they’re doing.

As they’re playing, all the members are working towards the goal of freeing a kidnapped actress who is being held in a department store. Haha receives the hint that the players who don’t know the rules will have a clue to her location on the bottom of their insoles.

The issue is that if he looks at the underside of the insoles of someone who does know the rules, he’ll be taken out of the game.

Haha freaks out when he hears this hint, because he figures he knows who it is that he needs to find. But then his curiosity gets the better of him.

haha running man 5

“What a minute, when did they stick things in our shoes?” he says, sitting down on one of the sofas in the store to take off one of his shoes. “That’s crazy, I’ve been wearing these all day!”

As he’s doing so, he slips out his shoe lift, laughing and claiming that they’re only 0.5mm high.

***SPOILER ALERT- Highlight the text below to see:

He then flips up his insole to find the dreaded “OUT” sticker.

The bell goes right away. Haha refuses to believe that he’s now out of the game, and when the staff member comes to take him away he fights them off. “Let go!” he yells.

Then he says to his cameraman, “Sung Yong, let’s run!”

In the end, he’s caught and gets taken out of the game as he wails, “I was just looking at it!”

haha running 7

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Watch the May 10 episode of “Running Man” to see the rest of this hilarious mission!

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