Song Il Gook Reveals How He Felt Upon Learning That He Had Triplets

Song Il Gook revealed how he felt when he found out that his wife was pregnant with triplets.

On the May 10 episode of KBS2‘s “Superman Returns,” Uhm Tae Woong asks Song Il Gook, “How did you feel when the ultrasound showed that you had triplets?”

Song Il Gook replies, “I did expect it to a certain extent. The hormone levels were so high that I thought it might be twins but there was another dot. My wife and I couldn’t talk for 10 minutes.”

He then adds that he himself still finds it astounding, saying, “They said it was triplets and I didn’t know whether to be happy or not. I’m seeing the kids now with my very own eyes, and even now there are a lot of times I still can’t believe.”

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