Directors Respond to JYP's Official Statement About 2PM and GOT7 Music Videos

Following JYP Entertainment’s official statement regarding the delay of their agency artists’ – 2PM’s and GOT7’s – music videos and comebacks, the two directors mentioned in the statement spoke to media explaining their side of the story.

Previously, according to JYP Entertainment, the directors were “irresponsible” in one-sidedly backing out of the music video shoots shortly before filming was supposed to begin. JYP further announced that they would be taking legal action for damages incurred.

However, director Kim Ji Yong stated to OSEN that because the video concept didn’t match his style, he humbly declined the offer the day after he received the call.

“I had received an offer from JYP to shoot GOT7’s music video. We spoke over the phone regarding the filming schedule, and I received the music video plan the next day via email,” said Kim Ji Yong. “However, after receiving the file on the music video, it was completely different than what I had wanted to do, so I humbly declined. We hadn’t set anything in stone at the time, nor did we discuss anything specific, much less even mention a contract.”

He continues, “But when I saw the news today mentioning my name, I was really surprised. I’m worried for the future of my career. I’m afraid that our relationship will not be salvageable as a result of unfounded speculations and exaggerated reports.”

Kim Ji Yong further explains that while it seems director Han Sa Min turned down the offer for the 2PM music video on the same day, he has no relations with the director, and doesn’t know for what reason he turned down the offer. “The coincidence seems to have bred a misunderstanding. I hope the situation doesn’t get any worse.”

Director Han Sa Min also spoke to OSEN regarding the issue, first stating, “I’m not even a celebrity, and it’s absurd that my name has come up as the subject of news. I’ve been filming music videos for years, and leaving a project during discussions is a common occurrence in the industry.”

He also expressed a degree of fear: “We hadn’t even signed a contract, or finalized a filming schedule, but the reality of the news on an official statement and legal action is frightening. I have no idea what’s going on with the other director [Kim Ji Yong], nor is it related to me in any way.” Director Han Sa Min concludes his statement with frustration, saying, “To be honest, I don’t want to say anything about or react to this.”

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Following the statements from the directors, JYP Entertainment stated to OSEN, “We’ve spoken with director Kim Ji Yong’s side, and the misunderstanding has been resolved. We’ll be giving a press release regarding [talks with] director Han Sa Min’s side.”

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