JYP Continues to Pursue Legal Action Against Director Set to Film 2PM's Music Video

On May 11, JYP Entertainment announced that the planned comebacks of their groups 2PM and GOT7 have been delayed because the directors who had been involved in the production of their music videos had suddenly pulled out at the last minute. JYP released an official statement on their website in which they declared they would be taking legal action against the directors’ production companies.

Both directors later responded to the statement by saying that they had not signed contracts.

JYP has now announced that the misunderstanding has been resolved with the director who was planned to be filming the GOT7 music video. However, they have published a new press release regarding the matter with Han Sa Min and his production company DEXTERLAB, who were set to direct 2PM’s music video.

The full statement by JYP is as follows:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

It is a standard practice for contracts to be signed right before or during the filming of music videos because the estimate has to be determined on the basis of decisions made about the schedules of the production team (including the artists and director), wardrobe, choreography, etc., as well as the overall concept.

Director Han Sa Min’s DEXTERLAB began discussions about the filming schedule with our company in April. They stated that our first suggested time frame for filming would not be feasible, and then reached a settlement on an alternative time frame.

Following that, our company shared all plans for the music video concept with director Han Sa Min, including the music, wardrobe, and choreography. DEXTERLAB, including Han Sa Min, attended planning meetings along with the artists 2PM and various staff members on April 28 and May 5. At those meetings, they made decisions about the details of the production of the music video.

Also, on May 8, director Han Sa Min sent a quote that included the filming location, filming dates, cast, and a detailed estimation of costs. Our company and 2PM confirmed the contents of that quote and began to prepare for filming.

However, on May 9, only four days before the music video filming was set to commence, we were contacted by director Han Sa Min’s company. They stated, “Because of relations with an artist that is making a release at the same time, we will be unable to move forward with the filming.” They then unilaterally terminated the production.

2PM’s schedule has had to be worked around their busy domestic and overseas commitments, and yet now, due to director Han Sa Min and DEXTERLAB’s irresponsible actions, everything will have to be reworked, from the planning stages of the music video through to the filming schedule, planned release time for the album, promotional activities, and marketing.

Despite this fact, director Han Sa Min still continues to evade taking responsibility. Therefore our company will be pursuing strict legal action.

Thank you.

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