Joo Ji Hoon Says He Doesn’t Talk About His Work with Girlfriend Ga In

Actor Joo Ji Hoon recently revealed in an interview for his latest movie “The Treacherous” that he doesn’t talk about his work with his girlfriend, Ga In.

During the interview, Joo Ji Hoon said, “She doesn’t really bring up my work. I don’t know what she’s really thinking, but we all have our dreams. Since we are in different fields, we don’t talk about our work.” When asked about his sex scenes in the latest movie, he simply answered, “We are mature about it.”

Ga In also tried her hand at acting in the 2013 action film “The Huntresses.” When asked about Ga In’s acting abilities, he humorously answered, “I wish you wouldn’t ask me that question.”

Joo Ji Hoon’s latest historical movie “The Treacherous” depicts the story of men who offered up 10,000 women to King Yeon San to gain power greater than the King’s. Kim Kang Woo, Chun Ho Jin, and Im Ji Yeon also star in the film. It will open in Korea on May 21.

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