Ship It: Gong Hyo Jin Edition

Following the Kim Soo Hyun edition, it’s only fair that an actress have the spotlight in the next edition of Ship It. In anticipation of the first episode of “Producer” airing this Friday, Gong Hyo Jin is perfect for the spot. I have already sung praise upon praise for Gong Hyo Jin – goddess of romantic comedies – on several previous occasions. She particularly boasts amazing chemistry with each of the actors she’s worked with. How do you even choose a favorite among the impressive list below?

Gong Hyo Jin x Lee Sun Kyun


During the rapid rise of her fame and popularity, Gong Hyo Jin starred in “Pasta” with Lee Sun Kyun. The two hit it off well in the drama, and their interactions throughout the whole series just get better and better. The two sides of their relationship both show off the chemistry between the actors: the respect-hate relationship as cook and chef in the same kitchen, and the love-love relationship outside. Even with all that chemistry, I wouldn’t put this at the top of the list of Gong Hyo Jin’s best ships, though.


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Gong Hyo Jin x Cha Seung Won


In one of the most popular dramas of its year, Gong Hyo Jin acts along side Cha Seung Won in “The Greatest Love.” Without surprise, she absolutely owned her part, creating absolutely hilarious, romantic, and memorable scenes with her co-actor. Plus, pulling off the part of a run down celebrity during the peak of her popularity is ironically impressive.


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Gong Hyo Jin x So Ji Sub


As I just started watching “Master’s Sun,” I can’t say much about this couple. However, I do know how popular and loved this pairing is. So instead, I’ll make up with these pictures and videos of Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub showing off how cute they are together. (I can say from the first two episodes though, I am absolutely going to love this couple. In fact, I’m already loving their scenes.)

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Gong Hyo Jin x Jo In Sung


Her latest work, “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” is the birthplace of Gong Hyo Jin’s final ship. She and her co-star Jo In Sung were specifically praised and applauded for the chemistry they boasted in the drama. The natural skinship – although, Gong Hyo Jin’s skinship with all of her co-stars is very natural- the playful dialogue, and even the way they looked at each other caught the attention of the viewers. Gong Hyo Jin has spoken highly of Jo In Sung, saying how he has a gift of making others comfortable.


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In the same interview, she talks of her chemistry with Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, who are starring in “Producer” with her. We can definitely look forward to more lovable ships and pairings in the future. Meanwhile, let us know your favorite pairing in the comments below!

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