INFINITE’s Sunggyu Admits Being Awkward with Epik High’s Tablo

On the May 14 broadcast of KBS radio “Kim Sung Joo’s Gayo Plaza,” INFINITE‘s Sunggyu confessed to being awkward with Epik High‘s Tablo after meeting for the first time in three years.

“Is it awkward between you and Tablo because you lost his credit card in the past?” the host asks, and Sunggyu replies, “I did say that on a show once, but it’s not necessarily just because of that.”

“We met for the first time in a while because he’s so busy. We met in three years, and you know how it is between guys,” says Sunggyu.

Although it may be awkward, as Sunggyu suggests, Tablo surely proved his good ties with Sunggyu as he featured in “Daydream,” one of the tracks in Sunggyu’s solo comeback album “27.”

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