INFINITE's Sunggyu Talks About Taking Off Eyeliner for

On May 14, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu made his first appearance on a music show as a solo artist in three years, but prior to the live show he sat down with Star News to talk about his concerns about his promotions of his new album.

Sunggyu has been known for always wearing eyeliner, and it’s become a kind of trademark for the young singer. Back in 2013, he admitted on “Radio Star” that he wears eyeliner because he’s self-conscious about his small eyes.

But for promotions of his latest album “27,” Sunggyu has put away the eyeliner and opted for a less dark and more natural appearance.

In his interview with Star News, he says, “This is the first time since I debuted that I’ve not worn eyeliner when shooting a music video or taking photos.”

“The director asked me to show my natural self, so I didn’t style my hair or put any makeup on,” he adds.

When asked what he thinks about the positive reaction to his less dark look, he says he feels relieved. “To be honest, I was really worried. I thought it might feel like something’s missing if I didn’t do something that I’ve always done, or like I haven’t prepared.”

He adds, “I’m nervous about my first performance because I’ve been working on this album for so long. I’ve done the pre-recording for one song, and now I’ve got the live performance up next. I’m curious about what kind of reaction it will get, and also nervous and excited.”

Watch May 14’s episode of “M! Countdown” to see Sunggyu’s first performances on a music show for his two new songs “Kontrol” and “It Has to Be You (The Answer)“!

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