Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - May Week 2

With May here, we’ve got new dramas to cover, which makes this top 10 extra fresh!

1. “The Girl Who Sees Smells“: You’ll always be my dad

We’re big on the bond between a parent and child, so, we loved this scene between Cho Rim and the man who introduced himself as her father after she awoke from her coma.

We learned that Jae Pyo lost a child that would have been her age and that he loved Cho Rim like he would his real kid. We were especially touched by how our lovely Cho Rim was very understanding, reassuring him that she’d continue to love him as her father.

2. “Divorce Lawyer In Love”: Yes! Yes! Yes!

After misunderstandings caused by second leads and fake relationships, Cheok Hee and Jung Woo finally have an honest conversation.

Jung Woo uses his location to his full advantage when he finds himself alone with his former boss in a courtroom. He makes her swear to tell the truth then asks if it’s possible for her to fall for someone she once hated. Her answer is “yes.” He then asks if she currently likes anyone and gets another “yes.” Is he that person? “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

Hell yeah! After a brief bout with second lead syndrome, we are totally on board this ship and glad to see them sailing. Why? Because right after she confesses that she likes him, he kisses her! And soon after they break apart, she pulls him in for another passionate kiss! Yes! Yes! Yes! We are totally digging the kisses and the sweet romance that’s slowly emerged.


3. “Ex-Girlfriend Club”: The rain reminds me of you

It’s early days yet, but we’re enjoying this new drama! We’re looking forward to all the shenanigans with the exes, but we’re most interested in how Soo Jin and Myeong Soo will find their way back to each other.

In this scene, it starts to rain as Myeong Soo waits for his bus. It’s been a difficult day for him because he returned the contract fee he’d received from Soo Jin’s now failed company. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he just watched someone he once loved cry and lament over the failure that their life had become.

It was also a day of decisions for him as he prepared to sign with Soo Jin’s frenemy’s successful company.

So, he sits at the bus stop, and as he watches the rain fall, he remembers the day he had to piggyback his girlfriend back to Seoul on a similarly rainy night. Somehow, we understood exactly how he felt.

4. “Unkind Women”: Promise kept

Soon Ok once promised Mo Ran to kick Ki Young, the latter’s ex-fiancé who had caused her years of heartache when he broke off their engagement. When they see him at a hotel, Mo Ran is anxious, but it’s Soon Ok’s chance to make good on her word. Soon Ok is prepared to sully her sweet and graceful nature for a friend, and after confirming Ki Young’s identity, she removes her shoes and screams his name as she charges towards him. Before she can reach him, though, he leaves, and she ends up running around the corner. Soon Ok may have been somewhat embarrassed by her actions, but Mo Ran is grateful and considers her failed attack a promise kept.

The unlikely friendship between these women might be the best thing about this show!

5. “Falling for Innocence”: It’s pointless to resist

Min Ho tries to mix business with pleasure when he calls Soon Jung over for work, which she does faithfully. When Min Ho arrives, he greets her as usual, and then holds her hand. Shocked, she tries to pull away, but Min Ho intertwines their hands. He raises them hoping that the factory workers would see, embarrassing her further. When she breaks free, she asks him why he did that. His matter of fact answer resulted in her rejection of his advances, but when he strokes her hair and playfully pleads for her affections, her smile and laughter made things all too clear: She’s fallen for him!

Like Soon Jung, we are totally enjoying his pursuit, but like Min Ho we are totally ready for them to be together!

6. “Angry Mom”: You’re my niece

We’re sad that “Angry Mom” is over. We’re going to miss Kang Ja and all the kids!

The final episode showed us—finally—that Ah Ran was not Dong Chil‘s daughter, and it was the most heart-wrenching moment yet. In this scene, Ah Ran runs to meet him when he phones, trying to talk him into turning himself back in. Through his tears, he says she’s not his daughter but his niece; she’s the daughter of his brother, the one he killed by accident. He finally admits it!

With his voice breaking, he gives her a photo of himself with his brother, telling her her father was a good kid, very smart, and nothing like himself. When Bok Dong rushes up, Dong Chil tells Ah Ran to study hard and mind her Mom. He then tells Bok Dong to take her home and walks away. *sobs*

Excellent scene! We’re glad that little mystery was finally resolved, and we give kudos to the actors for making this one of our favorites.


7. “My Unfortunate Boyfriend”: Birthday confession

Tae Woon may seem undaunted by the world because of his sweet smile, but that’s far from the truth. He has carried a deep scar to this day: Because of his parents’ tragic accident on his birthday, he has been afraid to spend it with anyone. When he mentions to Yoo Ji Na about his fear of celebrating it with anyone, she brushes it off. Completely unaware of the reason for his uneasiness about this day, she encourages him to share it with someone he likes. So, he later invites her to be with him on his birthday, and she almost neglects to do so until Tae Woon’s friend enlightens her about the death of his parents and the pain it has brought him. She runs to his place, where she finds him still waiting for her. After she apologizes for her lateness, he gives her a sorrowful smile, moving her to kiss him!

Tae Woon’s invite was akin to a confession, because as Ji Na pointed out, birthdays should be spent with the people you like, however we are hoping Ji Na realizes where her heart truly lies, disregarding her greed for a man with position and embraces the one in her heart.

8. “Let’s Eat 2”: Better than reality

Soo Ji‘s relationship with Sang Woo is going swimmingly, and although it’s only started, they’ve already planned to go backpacking together. The night before, she tries out her sleeping bag, pumped about her impending overnight campout with him. Soon, her imagination takes over the scene, picturing Sang Woo putting a move on her. The possibility of such a fantasy has Soo Ji sreeching and blaring out a cute, giddy laugh. We fangirls of Hyun Bin can relate!

9. “Heard It Through The Grapevine”: Bath in the kitchen sink

Ridiculous hilarity continues in this dark comedy, but things are getting more serious. Even though the Han parents demanded Bom to leave the house (without her hubby or her son), there were a few bits that had us laughing like crazy.

With the servants—including the nanny—on strike, the kids cooked breakfast while Yi Ji took care of baby Jin Young. As she rolls him around the table in his stroller, she drops the news that they ended up washing him in the kitchen sink … after he dirtied his diaper. This causes Mr. and Mrs. Han to rush from the table, holding back vomit. LOL. Did they believe the kids put baby poop in the food?

Later, Mama Han cries with her little circle of snobbish friends and agrees with them when they decide everything that’s happening is Bom’s fault. They think she needs to be kicked out of their house and force her to divorce. Ugh! We hate these friends and don’t much like Mama Han right now either.

10. “Who Are You: School 2015”: Putting fear in her eyes

When Eun Bi encounters her ex-bully, So Young, it seems like the past would repeat itself: So Young called her out for pretending to be Eun Byul. However, our lead turns the tables on the mean girl when she announces that she’s actually Eun Bi’s twin, and in a menacing tone, she tells So Young she will slowly think about how to deal with her.

It’s a moment we relish because Eun Bi pushed back against her bully!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s top 10! Please shout out your favorites and join us again next week!

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