Jung Joon Young to Re-Debut in Four-Member Band, Drops Teaser Photo

Singer and TV personality Jung Joon Young is making a comeback, this time as part of a four-member band.

Jung Joon Young’s label CJ E&M announced their plans for the band, “Jung Joon Young formed a band that he has been preparing for a while. Jung Joon Young Band is not just simply an event. The plan is for the band to release albums regularly following [their debut]. This upcoming album is basically Jung Joon Young Band’s debut album.” In the teaser photo, Jung Joon Young can be seen in the car posing with his three bandmates, guitarist Jo Dae Min, bassist Jung Suk Won, and drummer Lee Hyun Gyu.

All three are known to be already established musicians in the indie music scene. Guitarist Jo Dae Min is a former member of popular band Vanilla Unit that regularly guested at Seo Taiji’s concerts. Bassist Jung Suk Won is a former member of Munch and Fantastic Drugstore; Lee Hyun Gyu is a former member of Munch as well as “Superstar K” contestant Bell Band. Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young Band is slated to drop their debut album on May 27. What do you think about Jung Joon Young’s re-debut as part of a band?

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