Taecyeon Is Completely Mesmerized by Park Shin Hye on “Three Meals a Day”

After the first episode of “Three Meals a Day – Jeongseon Country Edition,” the program ended with a sneak peek of the next episode guest-starring Park Shin Hye.

park shin hye

Beforehand, Taecyeon promised he would step into the heart-shaped field, which he made some time ago, if he liked the upcoming guest. When he sees that it’s Park Shin Hye, he goes to the heart-shaped field with her, of course, and even gives her a flower.

taecyeon park shin hye

Seeing this, Lee Seo Jin teases Taecyeon by saying, “Why do you show off your strength only when it’s a female guest?” Taecyeon even shows off his masculinity by taking his jacket off and gets teased by the older members for acting differently around her.

“I’ve never wished for a guest to become a regular on this show before,” Taecyeon says in his individual interview, wanting Park Shin Hye to stay as a fixed member. He compliments her by saying, “She’s good at cooking, she has a great personality, and she’s younger than me,” and turns shy.

taecyeon 2

You can catch Taecyeon and Park Shin Hye’s lovely interactions on the next episode airing May 22.

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