Kim Jong Kook Showcases Solid Acting Chops in “Producer”

Kim Jong Kook made his first appearance in new KBS2 Friday-Saturday drama “Producer” on May 16 during the second episode.

Despite it being his first role in a major drama, Kim Jong Kook is a natural as Kim Hong Soon, an ambitious producer of eight years who is currently in charge of KBS variety show “Open Concert.” Notably, Kim Jong Kook is able to hold his own alongside veteran actor Park Hyuk Kwon who depicts one of the most influential producers in the variety program department (and therefore someone that Kim Jong Kook’s character sucks up to).


“Producer” is set in the world of variety entertainment and tells the story of two senior producers (Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin), a newly minted producer (Kim Soo Hyun), and a popular singer (IU). The drama premiered on May 15 to strong viewer ratings.

What did you think about Kim Jong Kook’s acting in “Producer?”

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