Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – May Week 3

Although we had to say goodbye to some of our favorite dramas last week, we’re already falling for the new shows.

Check out which scenes from last week that got us talking!

1. “Producer”: Sealed with a kiss


It’s new drama time! And we’re enjoying the somewhat refreshing approach to storytelling of “Producer.”

Joon Mo and Ye Jin are best friends, currently living together after a drunken evening of lamentation when he agreed to let her live with him for the four months she’s stranded without a home. He doesn’t remember agreeing to it, but she’s got proof in the form of a promissory note he wrote and signed with his fingerprint. However, something else took place that night—another thing he doesn’t remember that potentially proves something he’s never acknowledged to her. On that night, when she expresses her worry that he might take back his agreement (attributing it to alcohol), he decides to prove his sincerity by sealing his promise with a kiss. We want to squee, but just how freaked out must she have been after her friend of over twenty years kissed her! We can’t wait to see how these two iron out their feelings.

2. “Warm and Cozy”: I’ll get you there

What a beautiful sunrise to end the first week of “Warm and Cozy.”

This past week, Gun Woo offered to drive Jung Joo to a lighthouse where she can see the sunrise. With hours to kill till the sun came up, they slept in his car. When they woke up, however, they only had a half hour until sunrise, not enough time to hike to the lighthouse; this caused Jung Joo to be on the brink of tears. Jung Joo, who has felt like she’s a failure at everything, promised herself that she would see the first sunrise in Jeju, taking it as a sign of her success. Realizing the event’s significance to her, Gun Woo raced his car to another lighthouse (that required little hike to get to it). When they arrived, they ran to the lighthouse, in time to greet the waking sun… We imagine these two will be appreciating more sunrises together.


3.”Unkind Women”: Cruel for the truth

As she battled with an illness, Jang Mo Ran‘s passing was a moment we were bracing ourselves for, but even as we expected this, we were not prepared for it.

When Soon Ok and Hyun Sook try to get her up from a nap, Jang Mo Ran remains still. Oh, crud! Is she dead? Soon, Soon Ok becomes hysterical; she wails and shakes Mo Ran to wake up, believing she has passed away. Naturally, the scene also has us in tears! However, the joke’s on all of us when Mo Ran stirs awake, startling Soon Ok and her daughter. Actually, Mo Ran was only pretending to be in a deep sleep, moved and amused by how much her unnie cares for her. LOL. It’s a harsh prank, but Soon Ok has confirmed that she likes Mo Ran, a woman whom she spent thirty years hating. Despite the unnecessary grief, we would rather have her alive and enjoying more years being Soon Ok’s best friend. These two were always the real OTP of the show!

4. “Ex-Girlfriend Club”: I love … your work

Yes! It’s not a competition, but with Myeong Soo having three exes that includes a first love he’s got lingering feelings for, we think it’s only fair that Soo Jin gets some loving, especially after she discovers that all the time she thought she was dating Myeong Soo, he only saw her as a friend.

So, in walks distinguished, asshole-ish Director Jo Geon. Not only is he handsome, he also became a fan of our dear Soo Jin after seeing her film. Although we’re glad he put a much needed smile on her face, we love how he’s rattled Myeong Soo. This just might be what he needs to push him out of his comfort zone so that he finally pursues a romance with our girl.

5. “Heard It Through The Grapevine“: Your father is a monster

Poor Bom. We kind of knew things weren’t looking good for our young newlyweds, but this past week, the poor girl completely broke down. Begging her father and sister to stop viewing her as a lottery ticket, she also works up the nerve to tell In Sang his father is a monster.

Hugging him as she cries, she tells him to just go home—alone. *Sniff* Meanwhile, back at the Han prison, the parents smirk over their victory and discuss how soon they can take Jin Young away from Bom. A custody battle? We’re hanging on by a very thin thread!


6. “Lets Eat 2”: Still bros

Dae Young and Sang Woo have been cruel friends to each other. During a campout, Dae Young tried to kiss Sang Woo’s girl, Soo Ji. Out of spite, Sang Woo kissed her, knowing that Dae Young would be witnessing it. After those incidents, we thought it was over for their friendship and we’d be watching more scenes of “who’s the bigger jerk?” as they conceal what they’d done. However, the guys have surprised us, trying a path less taken in K-Dramas—having a mature and honest talk.

After Sang Woo confesses that he had seen him try to kiss Soo Ji, Dae Young reveals he has begun seeing her as a woman, but he’s keeping his feelings from developing further so hyung won’t have to worry. Meanwhile, Sang Woo confirms that he likes Soo Ji and doesn’t want to lose her, but he also warns Dae Young that he doesn’t want to lose their bromance. Awww! When Sang Woo immediately puts Dae Young in a playful headlock, we’re relieved that maybe this friendship can survive … At least, we are hoping, but as Soo Ji struggles in her relationship with Sang Woo while sniffing around Dae Young’s dating life, we don’t see the love triangle fizzling out soon.


7. “Orange Marmalade”: You’re not the one … yet

Ma Ri is a new girl at Jae Min‘s school, and she is a vampire who needs to drink blood every twelve hours. When a vicious student, Ara, changes the code of the lock to her locker, Ma Ri is unable to access the stash in her purse. She becomes weak, struggling to walk through school as she wills herself to head home. In the corridor, she runs into Jae Min, who notices her frail state, and as she nears him, she stumbles into his arms, drawn to the scent of his blood. He tries to help her, but before she can bite him, she comes to her senses and breaks away from him. Instead, she runs towards Shi Hoo, who carries her away while Jae Min can only look on. It seems our young hero is getting his first lesson in Heartbreak 101.

8. “Falling For Innocence”: To you, with love

Kang Min Ho is not one to take rejection too well. Although his own lips testified he’ll accept how Soon Jung feels and wish her happiness, it doesn’t mean he is through with her. In fact, it’s just the beginning for him.

Keen on giving her happiness, he has sunflowers delivered every day to her house with a message. Yet again she refuses and tries to return them, but her resistance only motivates Min Ho to have more flowers delivered. In the end, it becomes a routine that she seems to look forward to, making us wonder whether or not she loves the chase. We certainly love watching it!


9. “Who Are You: School 2015”: You can be real with me

Although she has gained a mother and is surrounded by friends who care for her, Eun Bi has been suffocating in Eun Byul‘s shadow. Forced to live a lie by becoming someone she’s not, Eun Bi finds solace in Tae Kwang, who was never close to Eun Byul. Because she’s free to be herself around him, she has often enjoyed his companionship. However, she sees her new life being upended when So Young threatens to reveal Eun Bi’s true identity, which the bully eventually does to Tae Kwang. Despite it all, she learns she’s not out of a friend as Tae Kwang asks if he can be the one to call her by her real name.

This scene is swoon worthy because Tae Kwang’s earnest sincerity steals the show! It’s clear he wants to be more than just her confidante, and we would be okay if things ended up that way.

10. “The Lover”: Just watchin’ TV together is tough

This drama still takes the tiniest things to major extremes, but as long as the laughs continue, we’re good.

Recently, Man Goo and her young boy toy, Young Joon, tease each other about who’s more scared while watching a horror movie. They then try to beat the crap out of each other while watching funny, variety shows. LOL.

We honestly believe all of the couples on the show are going to end up killing each other!

That’s all for this top 10, and we hope you enjoyed it! And please give love to your favorite scenes in the comments section below! Until next time!

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