Zion.T Is Here to Soothe Your Monday Blues with “Eat” MV

R&B/soul singer Zion.T is back with a music video for new single “Eat,” and he doesn’t disappoint.

The fresh track reads like a lullaby meant to comfort a lover who is struggling to get by.

The melancholy music video opens with a girl coming home from work and heading straight for her bed without changing her clothes. She proceeds to wind down from her day, taking a bath and lounging on the sofa listlessly.

All the while Zion.T watches over her, crooning, “When you’re hungry, take this song out like a morning apple and eat it/ You’re tired, but please make sure to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner/ If you do, then later at night, you’ll be able to sleep well.”

Check out the music video below and allow Zion.T to soothe your Monday blues.