Anti-Suicide Oath Given to First Grade Elementary Students Receives Criticism

An “anti-suicide oath” handed out to first grade elementary students is receiving some criticism online.

On May 16, a post was made on an online community with the title, “The anti-suicide notice that a school sent home with first grade elementary students.” The writer of the post identified herself as the mother of a first grade elementary student and posted a picture of the notice, which has the title, “Life Love Oath.” It reads, “I think of my life as being precious, I love and respect myself, and I promise never to commit suicide.”

It then commits the students to four criteria: “1. I will never commit suicide, and I will not attempt self-harm or suicide. 2. I will rest and sleep adequately for my health. 3. I will get rid of everything that I could use to commit suicide around me and will not depend on alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs. 4. In order not to commit suicide, if I feel even a little bit upset, I will tell someone and will be counseled to resolve my worries and difficulties.”

The mother was surprised by the notice because of the explicit nature of the contract. She went on, “I cannot comprehend what the school was thinking when they made a notice with the words self-harm, suicide, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs, to a first year elementary school student.”

She criticized, “This is a notice that as a parent, I cannot show my young children. This is the level of our country’s life and character education.”

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