Sweet Tune Collaborates with Eric Nam and 15&’s Park Jimin for Charity Project

On May 19, producer group Sweet Tune revealed, “We’re in the process of doing a charity song project and we will be donating our total profits earned by the tracks. The first singer for the project is Eric Nam.”

Sweet Tune consists of various producers, songwriters, and lyricists, who made hit-songs for SS501, KARA, INFINITE, Boyfriend, Nine Muses, Rainbow, and more.

Sweet Tune also stated, “When we were young, we were inspired by senior singers such as Toy, 015B, and Kim Dong Ryul, to become songwriters. Since we are business songwriters, we didn’t get many chances to produce songs that we wanted to create. We’ve been in this business for 10 years. Now we want to give back with all the emotions that we’ve felt thus far. We’ll share emotions with the audience and give all the profits back to the society.”

The song that Eric Nam will be singing is titled “Dream,” featuring 15&‘s Park Jimin. It illustrates a sense of longing, rather than pain, for describing love.

Sweet Tune’s project will release songs one by one. Later, the group will hold a meeting to decide where the profits go to, after they release all the songs. “Dream” is set to release on May 29.

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