INFINITE's Sunggyu Shows Off His Humor as Star DJ of Melon Radio

On May 19, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, who recently came back with his solo album, kicked off his DJ career through Melon Radio with his program named “Endless Gyu,” which is a play-on-words with KBS‘s ended program, “Endless Que.”

The singer promised to do just as the listeners wanted him to, and showed his humorous personality through a phone call with his fellow member Hoya.

As the call goes through, Sunggyu makes the audience curious by listing the members’ names, “Woohyun? L? Sungyeol?”

When Hoya picks up the phone, Sunggyu introduces himself by saying, “Hello, this is star DJ Sunggyu of ‘Endless Gyu'”. Hoya replies, “‘Endless Que?’ Isn’t that KBS?” and continues the comical atmosphere.

Sunggyu had called Hoya to do a phone-call quiz with him, which requires Hoya to answer questions related to Sunggyu correctly. Hoya is very confident, claiming that he has lived with Sunggyu the longest and that his room is right next to Sunggyu’s. But when the quiz starts, Hoya gets all the questions wrong except for Sunggyu’s birth date and makes Sunggyu flustered.

“Hoya, what are you doing? I’m disappointed,” and starts making fun of Hoya. But Hoya doesn’t back down and asks Sunggyu, “What’s your favorite color?” Sunggyu answers, “White.” Then Hoya says, “Oh, that’s why you like pale girls,” and gets back at him.

Lastly, Sunggyu tells Hoya, “You must be tired from filming a drama these days…Thank you for getting so many questions wrong. Let’s get closer from now on. See you at home~” and showed their true friendship.

On this day, Sunggyu hosted a variety of corners in his radio show and the audience was able to get a taste of his unique charms through each of them. Thanks to this, the anticipation for his future appearances on programs and variety shows grew even more.

You can tune into Sunggyu’s “Endless Gyu” radio show every Tuesday for two weeks, by using the Melon app. Melon radio’s “Star DJ” allows stars to communicate and get closer with their fans by becoming DJ’s themselves.

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