EXID and Other Idols React Hilariously to “Calorie Bomb” Sandwich

On the recent episode of MBC’s “Section TV,” the show treats idols to a “calorie bomb” sandwich, getting the best possible reactions from the young stars, who are told the calorie amount after they’ve eaten some of the sandwich.

The “calorie bomb” sandwich video is currently the most watched clip from the “My Little Television” site, which is part of chef Baek Jong Won‘s episodes, where he introduces various dishes and cooking techniques.

The sandwich is made with a spread of peanut butter, a layer of bananas, white chocolate, mozzarella cheese, and is toasted in a generous amount of butter, amounting to a diet-wrecking 1,620 calories. Worth it.

calorie bomb sandwich section tv my little television

Check out the reactions of INFINITE’s Sunggyu, BTS, and EXID, who by far has best reaction of them all.




exid calorie bomb sandwich