Kahi Shares Her Thoughts After Appearing on “King of Mask Singer”

On the May 18 broadcast of SBS‘s radio “Kim Chang Ryeol’s Old School,” After School‘s former leader Kahi and singer Bada paid a visit to the studio.

Prior to this, Kahi appeared on MBC‘s “King of Mask Singer” and wowed the crowd with her exceptional voice. Unfortunately, she failed to go on to her next round and had to reveal her face in front of the celebrity panel, which surprised them once again when they saw that it was her. They hadn’t known that she had that kind of voice in her.

On the radio show, she said, “People who went on [‘King of Mask Singer’] tried to hide their actual voice but no one knew of my real voice. No one even imagined that it was me. So I realized I should work harder and sing as I am.”

In response, DJ Kim Chang Ryeol said, “After appearing on ‘King of Mask Singer,’ I think Kahi seems more proud of herself.” Bada also asked, “Weren’t you touched that you got a chance to be evaluated by your singing?”

Kahi replied, “I felt like I finally won against something that I have kept bottled up until now. It makes me tear up.”

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