Korean Elementary School Students Barely Talk With Their Dads

Though the importance of bonding between family members have always been emphasized as a key factor for the development for children, surveys revealed that elementary students barely even talk to their dads.

On May 18, i-Scream HomeLearn, an elementary level homeschooling program, revealed that, based on an online survey held between 22,819 people, 85 percent of the participants talked with only their moms.

Only 15 percent of the participants replied that they mostly talked with their dad.

66 percent replied that they mostly talked about school life, while other answers were friendships (15 percent), studies, grades, and career options (9 percent), family (4 percent), celebrities and TV shows (3 percent), games, internet, and cellphone (2 percent), and looks (1 percent).

The topic that students wanted to avoid the most with parents was the restriction of using the Internet, phones, and games (26 percent). Following behind were studies, grades, and career options (22 percent), excessive attention towards looks (22 percent), participating in fandoms (10 percent), current emotions (8 percent), school life (5 percent), friendships (4 percent), and family (3 percent).

84 percent of the participants replied that they talk with their family a lot, while 29 percent of these people replied that they converse at least three hours a day. 19 percent replied that they talked 10-30 minutes, 22 percent replied 30 minutes to one hour, and 16 percent replied that they didn’t talk with their family at all.

“The more children talk with their parents, the less they tend to think negatively,” said Choi Hyung Soon, head of the i-scream elementary education research center. “Due to the fact that moms and dads have different roles in parenting, they must make the effort to talk with their children.”

“Dads should pay attention to special announcements from schools and express deep interest in their children’s school lives,” he emphasized. “Moms should share what they know of their children’s friends and act as a mediator between children and dads.”

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