Kim Ha Neul in Talks for Big Screen Comeback

Actress Kim Ha Neul may be making a big screen comeback!

According to her management agency SMC&C on May 19, “Kim Han Neul is reviewing director Kim Tae Yong’s new film “Schoolmistress” after receiving a casting offer. Nothing has been decided yet.”

Kim Ha Neul is being considered as the lead in “Schoolmistress,” in which she would depict a high school teacher who falls in love with a student and must suffer through societal prejudices. If she does take the casting offer, the role would definitely a step away from her usual rom-com roles.

“Schoolmistress” will be helmed by up-and-coming director Kim Tae Yong who received high acclaim for his last work “Set Me Free” at multiple film festivals. Renowned director Ryu Seung Wan is also taking part in the film’s production.

Would you like to see Kim Ha Neul star in “Schoolmistress?”

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