May 2015 CFs: Jun Ji Hyun, EXO, YoonA, and More

May was full of CFs from many popular stars. Jun Ji Hyun, in particular, reigns supreme as CF queen. We also see new CF queens and kings in the making. Check out this list of currently airing CFs to see your favorite stars look adorable and gorgeous as they endorse various products!

Jun Ji Hyun for BHC Chicken

The actress wears a cowboy inspired outfit and introduces BHC Chicken’s latest chicken product Sauce Et Mucho. She claims people will go crazy over the new sweet and sour sauce. We see some nacho chips paired with the chicken, but we’ll have to try the chicken to see if it’s really Tex-Mex inspired.

Lee Seo Jin, Choi Ji Woo, and Shin Goo for LG Uplus

Are you a fan of the “Grandpas Over Flowers” OTP? The pair are reunited in this CF that playfully incorporates their bickering from the show. Choi Ji Woo is eager to buy the latest cellphone, but thrifty Lee Seo Jin tells her she can’t because she still has to pay off her current phone. Grandpa Shin Goo trolls them as he shows off his new phone he was able to get with his special payment plan.

TaeTiSeo for Buon Gelato

The beautiful trio endorse different ice cream treats that are as sweet as them. Tiffany is mesmerized by a macaron ice cream sandwich. Meanwhile, Taeyeon enjoys an ice cream cone. Last, Seohyun shows off a tub of delicious ice cream. Which sweet dessert are you craving?

YoonA for Innisfree

The Girls’ Generation member endorses one of Innisfree’s most popular products, their Green Tea Seed Serum. The product utilizes green tea seed extract which helps lock in moisture. YoonA also filmed a romantic web drama for Innisfree with actor Lee Min Ho.

Jun Ji Hyun for Kloud

The CF queen is back with a commercial for Kloud beer. She looks regal and gorgeous in her gold dress. The advertisement boasts that their product isn’t diluted by water and is real beer. Stay tuned for more of the stunning actress!

Park Myung Soo for LG Uplus

LG Uplus has been putting out really entertaining CFs full of our favorite stars lately. In this one, we see Park Myung Soo dressed up as G-Dragon in a parody. The comedian parodies some of G-Dragon’s past music videos and CFs. See how many references you can spot and check out the bloopers at the end!

Kim Yoo Jung for Mr. Pizza

The young actress is quickly becoming a CF queen in her own right. She dons a cute bumblebee-esque headband as she endorses the pizza brand’s new honey butter inspired products. Looks like the honey butter craze isn’t quite over as they offer honey butter pizza, french fries, and fried chicken. Does it sound appetizing to you?

Jun Ji Hyun for HERA

Ever-gorgeous, the actress looks dreamy in a lavender gown as she promotes HERA’s latest Age Reverse Cushion. The written message discusses how many are worried about their looks and aging. They continue to share that it’s unnecessary to care too much and note the anti-aging properties of their product. Choosing youthful Jun Ji Hyun as their spokesmodel was a fine choice indeed. Who’s looking forward to more CFs from her?

EXO for Baskin Robbins

EXO-K members run happily while holding on to ice cream on their way to a movie theater. They look adorably childish and cheerful enjoying the simple, sweet pleasure. At the end, we hear Suho say, “The taste is like a blockbuster!” Who wants a scoop of the new movie theater popcorn ice cream?

Choi Ji Woo and Lee Seo Jin for Norang C

The “Grandpas Over Flowers” couple is back for a CF endorsing a travel tour company. We get to see the couple look lovey-dovey and engage in some skinship as they go on vacation. Who ships them and wants them to become a real life couple?

Jun Ji Hyun for Kwangdong

The famous actress shows off her quirky side as she recommends the company’s popular corn silk tea. The mustache motif occurs throughout the video because the Korean word for corn silk (the hairy part) is mustache. This tea is popular as a substitute for drinks with high calories and can purportedly result in a slimmer face and body. Do you like her dancing?

Kim Yoo Jung for Skinfood

Chosen as the brand’s newest face, the starlet shows off the new Pore Fit Cushion Bottle with her cute charms. The cushion makeup product is designed to resemble a water bottle as it helps cool your face and pores. This product looks like it will come in handy when summer weather is blazing.

Kang Sora for Canon

The actress takes pictures of a variety of things as well as herself in this photogenic commercial. Her friend asks her which camera function led her to choose her camera. After discussing some fantastic camera features, the actress answers that the pictures determined her decision. Basically, good pictures is the most important thing about a camera.

EXO for Pepero

Two varieties of the delicious chocolatey Pepero snacks are pitted against each other. D.O, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun recommend Pepero Skinny while Kai, Suho, and Sehun support the Double Dip version. Which type of cookie stick will you go for?

Girl’s Day for Mise En Scene 

Were you aware that their recent song and MV for “Hello Bubble” was made for the haircare brand? Their endorsement song was so popular that it even topped music charts by surprise! The product they are endorsing is a foam type hair dye. Due to its foamy consistency, it easily stays on your hair so you can avoid messy dripping. You can buy it here. That’s all for this month’s CFs. Stay tuned for next month’s batch of CFs!

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