BIGBANG Drops Taeyang’s Bonus Solo Clip from “Loser” MV

In celebration of their music video for “Loser” breaking 20 million views, BIGBANG has been releasing bonus clips featuring each of the individual members.

Daesung, whose solo music video clip was the first to be released, impressed fans with his powerful, emotional acting. In the group’s latest bonus clip, Taeyang oozes charisma as a rough-and-tumble rebel who isn’t as tough as he lets on, perfectly embodying the hook of the song, “I’m a Loser, outsider/ A coward who acts tough, a scumbag”

Meanwhile, all of the members of BIGBANG will appear on the May 21 broadcast of KBS’ variety talk show “Happy Together” for a 100-minute “BIGBANG Special.”

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