Brand New Boy Group A6P Debuts with “Face Off” MV

Brand new boy group A6P of DS Entertainment makes their first official foray into the music scene with “Face Off.”

Written by hitmaker songwriting team 2n2, “Face Off” is a synthpop track packed with energy appropriate for a debut.

In the music video, the members of A6P begin with masks on their faces and reveal their identities one by one, save for one mysterious final member. It’s hard to believe that “Face Off” is A6P’s debut music video as each of the members demonstrate a level of professionalism and showmanship that belies their rookie status.

A6P consists of Ado, Yaho, Jelly-P, JaguarActin, and leader Joongyeon. The name stands for 6 “aces” giving a “perfect” performance.

Check out the music video below and share with us your thoughts. Can you see yourself becoming a fan?

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