K-Drama Characters: Pigging Out in Style!

Character development and solid plot are two of the most important aspects I look for in K-Dramas. Chemistry and the natural portrayal of said characters are also determining factors on how much I enjoy a particular show.

The variety of delicious looking food that greets my hungry eyes and grumbling belly, on the other hand? Just a total bonus! And watching the way those actors and actresses inhale such large quantities of food for show? Even better! (Just don’t try it at home, Soompiers, because I can’t even imagine the pain you’d experience if you down food a la Choi Moo Gak!)

Dokgo Mate in “Bel Ami

Pigging Out_Bel Ami

Stylish and pretty until Dokgo Mate catches sight of some delicious kalbi (grilled and marinated beef short ribs), he doesn’t hesitate to get down and dirty with them – tearing into the tender meat with his teeth while making all sorts of comical facial expressions.

Geum Jan Di in “Boys Over Flowers

Pigging Out_Boys Over Flowers

Treated to a grand feast of fresh, high quality sashimi, is it any wonder that Geum Jan Di would go absolutely crazy with stuffing herself to the brim… and then some?!

Go Eun Chan in “Coffee Prince

Pigging Out_Coffee Prince

Six bowls of jjajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce) in one sitting, Soompiers. SIX.

Lee Gun in “Fated to Love You

Pigging Out_Fated to Love You

Lee Gun‘s wife just left him. He’s all alone. He’s depressed, but determined not to feel that way. Why not dig into a big cake all by yourself and eat to your heart’s content?

Han Ji Eun in “Full House

Pigging Out_Full House

Oldie but goodie, I couldn’t help but remember the moment Lee Young Jae points to Han Ji Eun‘s bibimbap (mixed rice) and calls it “dog food.” … Only to be caught eating a big bowl of it himself at a later date. HA!

Cheon Song Yi from “My Love From the Stars”

Pigging Out_Love From the Stars

We don’t get to actually see Cheon Song Yi pigging out to all sorts of junk food and ramyeon (instant noodles), but we certainly got to see the aftermath of her destruction towards all things delicious.

Choi Moo Gak in “The Girl Who Sees Smells

Pigging Out_SensoryCouple

Bottomless pit. Black hole. I could go on with the name calling, but it’s not Choi Moo Gak’s fault he can’t feel anything, especially whether or not he’s full after fifteen plates heaped high towards the sky of utter yumminess. He’s literally lost his senses, after all. But if he can eat food with such a happy expression while being unable to taste anything, I’d love to see how elated he is when he can!

Kim Ha Ni in “Surplus Princess

Pigging Out_Surplus Princess

I’ve always thought it weird that Kim Ha Ni could brutally enjoy eating her seafood so much… considering she’s a mermaid and they were probably her sea friends, but I digress. Watching her eat always makes me hungry because she finds so much delight in every dish and every taste. Her happy-go-lucky nature is part of what made me adore her so much!

Soompiers, which K-drama character in their moment of glutton do you enjoy watching the most? Which Korean dish would you most like to try or which one is your favorite? Did I leave out any awesome eating scenes worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments below!

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