Actor Jung Woo Signs Contract with FNC Entertainment

Reply 1994” star Jung Woo has joined the growing roster of actors represented by FNC Entertainment.

The actor reportedly signed an exclusive contract with FNC after recently parting ways with his former agency. FNC commented on the deal, ” We will do our best to help Jung Woo, who has showcased his sincere acting through various projects, to continue his stable career in acting.”

After making his breakthrough by playing the caring and handsome Trash on “Reply 1994,” Jung Woo has quickly become one of the most sought-after male actors. Most recently, he appeared on the box-office hit “C’est Si Bon,” and has also wrapped up the filming for Lee Suk Hoon‘s new movie “Himalaya.

Originally known for its idol bands, FNC announced its plans to enter the acting and drama market early this year. The agency is currently producing the popular “Who Are You – School 2015.”

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