Henry Attempts a Romantic Kiss with Yewon on “We Got Married”

Henry recently attempted to stage a romantic kiss with his “We Got Married” partner, Yewon.

During a recent filming for the MBC variety show, the couple was taking a walk in an empty garden after sunset when Henry suddenly set the mood by pushing Yewon under a tree for a romantic kiss. However, Henry’s clumsy attempt left Yewon struggling to even keep her balance, and the kiss went down as a failure.

henry yewon2

Laughing at Henry’s attempt to recreate a romantic kiss that he had seen in a movie, Yewon turned to her wistful partner and pulled him to a lamp post to show him how it’s supposed to be done.

To see whether their romantic kiss was a success, be sure to catch the next episode of “We Got Married” when it airs May 23 at 5 p.m.

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