Nine Muses to Make Comeback this Summer

Nine Muses is preparing for its latest comeback.

According to a variety of sources, the group is set to make a comeback sometime in June. Regarding this news, a representative of the girls’ agency, Starship Empire Entertainment revealed that, “It is true that Nine Muses is preparing for a comeback. Only the date that the album will go on sale has not been fixed yet. It could be June or even July.” They also added that, “There will be no changes to the group’s lineup.”

Following their debut in 2010, Nine Muses has grown in popularity while being nicknamed “model idols” by fans, and its members have continued to work on both musical and other artistic projects. Recently, the group’s members have grown even more popular through their tell-all program, “Nine Muses Cast.”

Meanwhile, Nine Muses has recently been performing their latest single “Drama,” and is set to perform at the May 23 “2015 Dream Concert” in Seoul.

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