SISTAR’s Dasom Is the Prettiest Deer in Headlights in Pictorial for SURE

In a new pictorial entitled “Midnight Picnic” for fashion magazine SURE, SISTAR’s Dasom stuns in a number of ethereal white-on-white looks.

Taken in the early morning before sunrise by the Han River, the pictorial features hard lighting that makes Dasom look like the prettiest deer in headlights.


In the corresponding interview, Dasom answers a question about the secret to SISTAR’s teamwork through the years, “Although each member’s personality is different, there is a synergy. For example, as much as Hyorin unni’s is assertive, she is persuasive. Her leadership is undeniable. Bora unni has a deep consideration for others, such that she knows how to take care of both her seniors and juniors. She knows how to lend an ear to others. Soyu unni knows how to adapt herself to others. She is mature, wise, and easygoing.”


She continues, “We are really different to no end. Everything from the menu we want to eat to our clothing and makeup style is different. I think the reason the four of us, who are so different, have been able to stay together for five years without any big troubles is because of the positive personality that we all share. I have only to be grateful.”

You can catch Dasom’s full pictorial and candid interview in the June issue of SURE.

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