B.A.P’s Zelo Gifts Fans with Poignant Special Track

B.A.P’s Zelo has released a special gift for fans, a track he worked while he was in Canada last year entitled “No-Title.”

Zelo alluded to the track a few months ago with the tweet, “PRESENT FOR FANS A SONG THAT I WORKED ON IN CANADA & WANTED TO RELEASE B4 I BECAME AN ADULT,” referring to this year’s “Coming of Age Day,” which was celebrated by 1996 babies (of which Zelo is one) on May 18.

Although a few days late, the release of “No-Title” couldn’t be timelier as the poignant track highlights Zelo’s coming of age as an artist. His self-composed lyrics, which examine his world honestly and critically, are at once touching and troubling as any good social commentary should be.

Check out the song below, and let us know your thoughts!