Park Shin Hye Is a Golden Guest on “Three Meals a Day”

Park Shin Hye appeared as a guest on the May 22 broadcast of “Three Meals a Day.” Considerately, she prepared food to feed the cast and staff and brought useful cooking ingredients. She even helped out with the dishwashing, plastering, and cooking all the while making Lee Seo Jin and Taecyeon smile.

The cast members urge her to stay on the show as a fixed member and even say, “Become a fixed cast member along with Choi Ji Woo.”

Many viewers were also impressed with her flawless bare face. She didn’t appear overly concerned with her looks and showed a natural side of herself.

Interestingly, Taecyeon was super cheerful as soon as the actress arrived. He even danced and showed off his strength.

Her appearance also contributed to the show receiving high ratings of 11.3 percent.

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