T.O.P Hits Rock Bottom in Final BIGBANG “Loser” Solo Clip

BIGBANG are celebrating 20 million views on the music video for “Loser” by releasing extended bonus clips of each of the members. So far we’ve already seen clips from Daesung and Taeyang, and a joint clip for Seungri and G-Dragon. T.O.P‘s clip is the latest and last of the clips, and features the star showing off his acting chops.

The video shows T.O.P covering up all the furniture and pieces of art in his studio while wearing white gloves. T.O.P is known for being an aficionado of interior design and art. We then see shots of him getting intimate with beautiful women, who are scantily clad in white. But when one of them uncovers and touches one of his sculptures, he lifts her hand away delicately with his gloved hand and grows furious.

The video then cuts to T.O.P, covered in blood, breaking down in an alleyway and collapsing on the ground.

What’s your interpretation of this haunting clip?