Chloe Moretz Masters Mokbang and How to Handle Foul-mouthed Korean Ahjummas on “SNL Korea”

American actress Chloe Moretz hit up “SNL Korea” with Eric Nam for the show’s May 23 episode, where she learns from the cast members how captivate Korean fans.

Eric Nam, part of an agency called Love Korea Management, starts off by giving Chloe tips on how to answer staple questions in Korean interviews: “Do you know kimchi?” “Do you know PSY?”

After she masters the art of the interview, Chloe moves on to the meat of the lessons, learning the proper way to be a mokbang star with seaweed and sausages.

The actress proves to be a stellar student, following up with awesome dance moves any Korean would love, as well as the most difficult task of them all, handling an angry, expletive-spewing Korean ahjumma. Life skills.

Check out the hilarious skit here:

A clip from rehearsal.