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On the May 23 episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” actress Hwang Jung Eum sits down with a reporter for a candid interview and talks about the show’s list of her top three acting fortes.

Hwang Jung Eum debuted as a member of the girl group Sugar in 2002, but she says she’s glad to hear that some people only know her as an actress because she’s worked so hard at it. She most recently starred in the drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

First off, the interviewer proclaims her the “Queen of Tears” because of her epic crying scenes, which Hwang Jung Eum says is great. But then when asked if it’s okay if they show some clips of her crying, she laughs and says, “But I look like a bit of a monster when I cry…”

After they show a few clips, she tells the story of how one time a director told her that they should do a second take of a crying scene because of the way she looked. But Hwang Jung Eum insisted that they keep it because she didn’t mind what she looked like as long as the emotion was there.

“Do you think you look like a monster when you watch it now?” asks the interviewer.

“I don’t like looking at my face,” she admits, “but I really like the emotion there.”

Her second specialty is hitting people! She definitely has a knack for handing out some convincing blows. “Maybe it’s because I got hit a lot at school?” she jokes.

The program also highlights her gift for acting out birthing scenes. Hwang Jung Eum says that she watched a documentary about childbirth only 10 minutes before she shot one of the scenes included in the compilation. “I was so moved!” she says. “Watching that documentary really brought everything home for me.”

You can check out the clip compilation in the interview below!

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