Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – May Week 4

The month may be winding down, but that hasn’t stopped our favorite dramas from delivering awesome moments. Here are our favorites from the past week!

1. “The Girl Who Sees Smells“: No honey for boo boo

While Mu Gak and Cho Rim‘s face-off with serial killer Jae Hee carries over to the finale, this episode pampers romantic viewers with OTP moments galore. For this top ten, one would think we’d have picked a lovey-dovey scene, but we’re going for one that actually keeps our couple apart.

As the two cling on to each other, Mu Gak and Cho Rim enter their apartment and give viewers a play-by-play of their “firsts” as newlyweds: Their first time sitting on the sofa as a married couple, their first kiss as a married couple, and his first shower as a married man. Bwehe. After freshening up, Mu Gak smoothly glides back to the living room in only his bathrobe, obviously ready for his first non-PG lovin’ with his wife. Unfortunately, Cho Rim’s nowhere to be found, leaving him to help Detective Kang at a crime scene. Poor Mu Gak is in for his first case of the blues since saying “I do.” LOL.

Despite the premise of a girl who helps solve crimes with her ability to see smells, more than anything, this show will be remembered for its wonderful OTP.

2. “Ex-Girlfriend Club”: Their first “kiss?”

A lot of viewers were pissed off at Myeong Soo when he revealed that he only looked at Soo Jin as a friend, their romance merely a figment of her imagination. However, another layer of their relationship was peeled back recently: While fake dating each other, he acknowledged that he’d also had feelings for her in the past and she’s pretty much the one that got away. They were separated when he was staying with his sick mother and she was working on a movie in a different city. He suddenly missed her so he drove two hours to her, but when he finally arrived, he saw how immersed she was in her work and couldn’t find the courage to step into the restaurant and make his presence known. That was the difference between them staying friends and taking their relationship to the next level.

The development between this couple makes us positively giddy and we can’t wait for the next episode!


3. “Producer”: Her better side

We’re loving the epilogues in this drama and our latest favorite scene is from the fourth episode.

Cindy is known for her difficult personality and blank expressions, but this moment reveals a cute side to her. Despite not being an easy person to like, Cindy finds herself drawn to Seung Chan that she seems free to express how he makes her feel behind the safety of a tinted window. We anticipate seeing more of this warm and lovable Cindy as she allows her heart to soften because of Seung Chan.


4. “Orange Marmalade”: Your wish is my wish

There’s no way Ma Ri will avoid Jae Min now!

After the debut performance of her band, “Orange Marmalade,” at Inhwa High, Ma Ri goes to the “Wishing Lighthouse” with her guitar in tow. Legend has it that when a wish is made there, it will come true. So, at the lighthouse, Ma Ri plays her guitar and thinks of her band mate, Jae Min. Out loud, she expresses what she truly feels that day: She wants to see him. As quickly as she utters her wish, Jae Min appears. He has also come to the lighthouse, hoping he could see her. With their wishes coming true, they reveal their feelings for each other and kiss lightly and slowly! At first, Ma Ri was afraid to be around Jae Min because whenever she saw him she couldn’t resist the urge to drink his sweet blood, but as they kiss, she realizes that it’s actually love. We think a collective “awww” is a sufficient response to this scene!

5. Heard It Through The Grapevine“: We can’t quit our OTP

The break-up has been hard on our young leads, but In Sang seems to be suffering the most. This past week, he showed up at Bom‘s house, falling asleep in her bedroom after playing with baby Jin Young.

When Bom came home, she became exasperated until he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. He was like a drowning man grabbing onto his life jacket, and we wished we could hug him. Bom, however, was sticking to her guns and refused to go back home with him when he asked. Instead, she asked him to come to her house, but he slowly walked out, unable to meet her standards. How much more of this heartbreak can we take?!

6. Falling for Innocence”: Gotta smile

Although he may die at any time as his body is rejecting his new heart, Min Ho can’t turn away from Soon Jung, who is distressed over the revelation that her ex was murdered by a longtime friend. However, Min Ho’s methods of comfort seem to be doing more harm than good: He almost injures her eardrums while cleaning out her ears, and then, he makes her bleed while clipping her fingernails. Soon Jung becomes upset, but bursts out laughing when Min Ho pouts and tells a joke.

Soon Jung can’t believe how easily Min Ho can make her laugh, and this kind of breeziness in their relationship is what we love about this couple. We’re going to miss them!

7. “Let’s Eat 2”: You’re worthy of love

Food has always been a source of comfort to Soo Ji and Dae Young, and despite their heated foodie fights—a pastime they’ve both come to enjoy—it’s while they’re eating when they’re the most revealing to each other and their differences are reconciled. After nearly being raped and getting no help from a jerk cop,  a meal with Dae Young is what she needs most. As they finish up their late dinner, Soo Ji tells Dae Young that she wishes her relationship with Sang Woo were comfortable and fun. Even though Sang Woo’s feelings for her are thriving, Soo Ji’s insecurities persist, unable to feel worthy of his heart. At this revelation, Dae Young offers up a passionate argument: She’s not lacking. She’s beautiful, fun, kind, and definitely deserving of being loved. Upon hearing this, Soo Ji is moved and just stares at him; with her blinders off, she’s begun to see Dae Young as a man. The silence between them grows, but their eyes seem to be revealing their feelings for each other. This moment is Dae Young’s chance to tell Soo Ji he likes her, but before more is said, Soo Ji ends their meal and invites him to leave. Blergh! While we feel bad for Sang Woo, who will be in for so much unfair heartache, we’re also awaiting when Soo Ji and Dae Young finally confess their feelings for each other. Will these two even end up together?

8. “Warm and Cozy”: White knight in the red convertible

Lugging around a tub of abalone, Jung Joo has gone to see Gun Woo at his brother’s hotel. After an unfortunate run-in with Ji Won, she is left mopping up a mess of the witch’s coffee. Of course, at that moment, her former co-workers see her. Great timing! Because apparently it’s okay to do so, they look down on her for what they perceive is her sorry state. From afar, Gun Woo witnesses Jung Joo’s humiliation. Hmmm, will he be polishing his white knight armor? Outside, just as they offer to give her a lift on the company bus, Gun Woo drives up in his red convertible and gets Jung Joo’s attention. He takes the tub of abalone from her and lectures her that his boss, Jung Joo, shouldn’t be carrying it around. To the astonished group, Gun Woo introduces himself as the chef at the restaurant Jung Joo manages. Just like that, the ex-colleagues see Jung Joo through better eyes.

To think our leads had argued earlier that day, we’re touched by Gun Woo’s gesture, helping Jung Joo get out of a sticky moment.

9. “Who Are You: School 2015”: Come to me

After a quarrel with Yi Ahn, Eun Bi gets lonely, and despite feeling like she’s lost him as he ignores her, she reaches out to him to patch up their friendship.

Wishing to accompany him on their regular exercise, Eun Bi waits for him. When he turns up, he simply passes by her, but she desperately keeps up with him. When her bike chain comes off, she’s forced to call out to him, and Yi Ahn eventually goes to her. Soon, everything is all right between them again.

As Eun Bi struggles to hide her true identity, Yi Ahn may not have a clue about how loaded her emotional plea was, and although she can’t return to him as Eun Byul, she still wants him in her life. We hope that after learning about who she really is, Yi Ahn will still remain by her side.

10. “The Lover”: I crave you more than ice cream

In the elevator, Man Goo runs into the hottie stud who lives one floor above, and she can’t take her eyes off of him. Back at home, Young Joon is only interested to know if she bought the ice cream he wanted. She sends him out to bring in the bag of rice outside the door and continues to fantasize about Joon Jae from Apartment 609. She falls asleep on the sofa as Young Joon continues yelling that she didn’t buy his ice cream. Promptly, she dreams her hottie appearing at her door with the cold, sweet treat. Haha! She wakes up feeling guilty, and Young Joon figures out who and what was at the center of her dream. He doesn’t show his anger or insecurity until she leaves the room. We feel for Young Joon, but how hot is Joon Jae?! *Gulps*

Thanks for joining us, and don’t miss out on next week’s top ten!

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