Yoogeun of “Hello Baby” Congratulates SHINee’s 7th Debut Anniversary

Do you remember Yoogeun from SHINee’s “Hello Baby?” He’s no longer the adorable little toddler we once knew, but he has grown up to become a handsome young man!

Yoogeun, who was the starring baby of the second season of KBS’ “Hello Baby” that featured the members of SHINee as his on-screen dads, recently updated his Weibo account with a congratulatory message for the group.

SHINee celebrated their seventh anniversary on May 25 since their debut in 2008. On this day, Yoogeun shared a photo of himself holding up a banner that says, “SHINee dads, Yoogeun is here,” as well as text that reads, “Happy 7th Anniversary to SHINee.”


Back in 2010, SHINee took part in “Hello Baby” season two, during which they took care of Yoogeun, who was 3 years old at the time.

Anyone hoping for a “Hello Baby” reunion?