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SHINee‘s Minho and Onew join the regular cast members on May 25’s episode of “Abnormal Summit” for their usual frank debates. As the cast is discussing leadership, Minho takes the opportunity to talk about what a great job Onew does as the leader of their group.

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“We’ve been working and living together since we were young,” says Minho. “You know how there are two kinds of charisma – one that is sharp and one that is soft. Onew has a really soft charisma.”

“As the leader, he never thinks of himself as having a position higher than the rest of us,” he adds. “Instead, he puts himself in the middle of the group and makes us stronger.” Onew seems speechless at all this sudden praise, and so he simply bows his head and claps along with the rest of the cast.

After the hosts joke about the persuasive power of sharp versus soft charisma, Yoo Se Yoon says, “It works because you follow his lead. If you didn’t listen to him when he told you to do something three times, then he’d have to be more forceful.”

Onew laughs but Minho disagrees. “But I think it’s because he treats us so well while he’s in the middle of the group that we’ve lasted this long,” he says.

The hosts can’t believe that he’s heaping so much praise on him, and ask him if he doesn’t have anything bad to say about Onew. “Of course he does!” says Onew.


Yoo Se Yoon says, “Is he kicking you under the table right now?” and Sung Si Kyung jokes that Minho is really trying to say “Help me…”

Check out the full clip below to see this outpouring of love for SHINee’s leader!

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