Jokwon Confesses That He Is Currently Dating?

Jokwon of 2AM recently made a surprise confession that he is currently dating.

During an interview with star style magazine High Cut, Jokwon was asked how he feels about being mentioned whenever Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga In (his former ‘We Got Married” partner) and her boyfriend, actor Joo Ji Hoon, are brought up. The 2AM member responded, “I don’t pay attention to it. But hearing things like, ‘He’s taller than Jokwon’ or ‘He’s much better [than Jokwon]’ can be frustrating. Of course it’s all jokes though.”

On the question of his own dating life, Jokwon revealed, “I’m 27 years old. It wouldn’t make sense to say that I’ve never dated before. There were people in the past that brushed by, similar to a ‘some’ relationship. There is even someone right now that I am meeting with good feelings.”

The full interview and pictorial, also featuring B1A4’s CNU and VIXX’s Ken, can be found in the 150th issue of High Cut.

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