Son Soo Hyun Denies Rumors of Fixing Her Face to Catch G-Dragon’s Attention

Actress Son Soo Hyun is more known for her looks that closely resemble the popular Japanese actress Yū Aoi and the nasty rumors that claim her to be an imposer clawing for G-Dragon’s attention.

On the episode of “Taxi” aired on May 26, Jeon So Min and Son Soo Hyun appear as the special guests.

“Apparently G-Dragon once appeared on a talk show and revealed that his ideal woman was the Japanese actress Yū Aoi,” Son Soo Hyun says. “That’s when the rumors started, saying that I was G-Dragon’s fan, fixed my face to marry him, and attended Ewha Women’s University in order to attract him. Others said that I appeared in Daesung’s music video in order to get near G-Dragon.”

“The rumors spread like wild fire and made me look like an imposter with low self-esteem,” she adds. “I’ve never tried to imitate Yū Aoi. My nose and eyes are untouched and I attended Ewha Women’s University after being rejected by Seoul National University’s traditional music department.”

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