NS Yoon-G Talks about Being First Asian Homecoming Queen at Her High School

On May 27’s episode of the variety show “Prodigy Discovery Unit” (working title), singer NS Yoon-G talks about her popularity at her high school in California and her potentially surprising interest.

The hosts say they heard NS Yoon-G was chosen as the homecoming queen at her high school, but they’re not sure what that means. “It’s like a popularity vote that’s done at high school once a year,” she explains. “I was the first Asian at my high school to be picked.”

ns yoon-g 2

“So you must have been really popular,” says host Kim Tae Gyun.

“But I really love sports and I’m not very feminine, so when men meet me in real life they’re usually disappointed,” she replies.

ns yoon-g 3

“I really like mixed martial arts,” she adds, which surprises all the hosts and guests.

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