AOA’s Seolhyun Heats Up Set of N.Flying’s Debut Music Video

FNC Entertainment‘s new rap-rock group N.Flying recently made their Korean debut with the music video for their song “Awesome,” which features label mate AOA‘s Seolhyun as a sexy attendant at a drive-thru that the guys just can’t get off their mind.

On May 27, a video was released that shows what went on behind the scenes on set. In one interview, Seolhyun admits she’s not happy with the way she looks in the cuts she’s seen so far. “But since it’s not my music video, I can’t say that I want to do it over again. Because N.Flying have a lot of things they need to film, so we can’t waste time on my individual parts.”

Nevertheless, the guys are delighted as they watch through the monitor as she films scenes with the members and also on top of a white horse statue! She then manages to look both seductive and cute at the same time as she licks a lollipop.

Lastly, as she’s leaving the set, she sends the guys a video message of support to cheer them up as they continue to film. What a great sunbae!