MBLAQ Reveals First Teaser Pictures for June Comeback

J.Tune Camp has released the first set of teasers for MBLAQ‘s June comeback “Mirror” through Twitter.

This will be their first promotions as a trio featuring SeunghoG.O, and Mir. In the released photos, we see each of the members in blurry black and white photos. The triangle in the background possibly symbolizes the group’s rebirth as a three member group. 

Former members Lee Joon and Chundoong (Thunder) left the group last November after the MBLAQ Curtain Call Concert.

According to a recent Instagram post by Seungho, they have already filmed their music video.

sungho mblaq mirror go mblaq mirror mir mblaq mirror

Are you excited for MBLAQ’s comeback? We only need to wait a few more weeks!